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TaRa King

"Hey Nicki!   I got the painting today and it is even More Beautiful in person......Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I love my girls so much and Ruby is home now.  This means so much to me.  I was in tears at first sight of the painting. XOXO

.Nancy Dance


Nicki Bernacchi is not only a talented artist, she is generous as well.  For many years she has donated pet portraits to Norsled, a sled dog rescue group, for their silent auction.  My sister bid on it, and won, and decided to use it for me since she had already had Nicki capture her favorite dog in the past.  A photograph was sent to Nicki and the portrait that followed could not have been a closer match!  I was thrilled to see our cat so expertly put to canvas.  Time and time again we bring the photograph out to show guests just how perfectly she captured him in the painting.  He now hangs proudly over our fireplace.

We loved the painting so much that my sister once again bid on her generous donation and again won! We had a portrait done of our current cat, Allie.  She has so many unusual markings, we sent Nicki many photographs of her to work with instead of just one. The portrait shows she is not only an extemely talented artist, she has a fabulous eye for color and detail.  It is so realistic, and even in a pose our cat sits in quite often! We love both and have both placed proudly in our home.

I recommend her work to anyone that wants to capture their furry friends forever!

Sheri Bargman


Thank you for another spectacular painting! You have such an incredible talent and we couldn't be more delighted with our newest commissioned seascape.  The depth and colors are exactly what we envisioned.  

the wave is translucent and draws the eye to a gorgeous beam of light breaking through to show the confused energy of the sea.  It's obviouis the joy you bring to your work.



Thank you so much Nicki.  Words can't describe completely how grateful I am for this beautiful painting.  This has been on my heart for many years and you captured them beautifully.  When I look at this painting, so many memories so many emotions and so many thoughts run through my mind.  This painting represents the journey the girls and I have had and all that God has brought us. to. Thank you Nicki for painting from your heart.



Well......I got it and don't know what to say.  It is SO AMAZING. You have captured Peppy perfectly. I was in tears and I know my Mom will be also.  I keep looking at it.  I am beyond impressed.  My Mom is coming for a visit on Saturday-so this will be given to her and she has no clue about it.  It's been hard for me not to tell her something special is coming for her but that will make it all that much more amazing for her.  I cannot thank you enough.  I truly believe you are an Angel. You are such a beautiful person.  You make things so much more beautiful for us here on earth.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I can't wait to do Ruby and Chila






Oh Nicki, I am beyond words to describe this painting of my beautiful dog.....He was everything to me just the same as my children.  He passed away last October and this beautiful artwork you have done, has brought him back to me.  Every detail of him is SPOT on... I am in awe of your talent.... The only thing I can do is say Thank You over and over again, and thats not enough...I Just Love It !!! and to my wonderful  and beautiful daughter, Thank You for having this Amazing Artist bring my Peppy back to me....He has come home.



I have commissioned Nicki a few times to do paintings of my dogs, and one as a gift to my cousin in Scotland of his dog.  Nicki truly captures the dogs personality while also painting a remarkable likeness of the photos provided to her.  Her work is truly amazing.


Discovery Bay, California

                                           PERFECT CUSTOM PORTRAIT


We wanted a special portrait of our two fuzzy daughters.  Nicki took the time to capture our dogs exactly like we wanted.  It was real life as puppies and adult lives.  Great art, it's our third piece for our home. 5 star rating and review.  Thanks Nicki



Thank you so much for the amazing painting our dogs.  Sunshine and Maui.  We were totally overwhelmed with the painting.  You captured them perfectly. We have received so many compliments on how life like the painting is.  We will cherish this painting forever.  Saying " Thank You" doesn't do you justice!



Discovery Bay, California

 I asked Nicki to paint a special painting for my husband's 30th birthday from a photo taken with my phone.  I knew it would be painted with skill and talent to look better than the Original, but seeing the finished product has far surpassed my expectations.  In short, I LOVE IT! I'm a fan for life. Thank you.


I have asked Nicki for a couple of oil paintings from simple pictures.  She does an amazing job! The painting she did of my golden retriever Buster is beautiful! She really brought out his adorable features.  She also did a very special three generation family painting of my son, husband, and father-in-law, my father-in-law broke down when he opened it Christmas morning.  Both paintings are displayed proudly in our homes.


Nicki was also especially generous when I asked her to paint special pictures on bowling pins last year.  We raffle off these bowling pins to raise money for "A Gift From Rachel", the proceeds are used to help victims of meningitis.  Everone at the bowling event last year loved the paintings, it's a wonderful remembrance of someone very special.  Nicki refused to accept payment for this....


Nicki, another special Thank You for doing something out of the goodness of your heart, and bring tears to my eyes!


Redwood City, California

 I received an original oil painting by Nicki for my Birthday this year.  It is the most beautiful face of a female African Elephant.  This painting says it all...Nicki is incredibly talented.  She made this elephant come alive with the colors she chose and her artistry created expression on her (Ellie's) face and a kind, gently look in her eye.  I will cherish this painting forever as Nicki has trueley captured the beauty of the amazing African Elepant.  You are truly blessed to have such a gift and now I am blessed to have such a gift in my home for all to see.  Thank you Nicki!


Discovery Bay, California

I just received the first and best gift of Christmas! My gift of an original painting by Nicki shows my favorite landmark  by land or water on the delta.  The Discovery Bay Lighthouse she painted captures the beautiful structure and the beauty of the delta sky that we all love.  She captures the unique colors of pinks and blues that wrap around the lighthouse at sunset.  The beauty of her painting will remind me during the winter days what lays beyond the fog.  I feel so lucky!


Lodi, California

I recently purchased a painting from you and just love it! I am giving it to my daughter for a house warming gift.  I think you have a beautiful talent and are great eye and hand at painting.  You are very blessed. Good Luck with this and I will be looking forward to buying more. Thank you!


St. Louis

 I just wanted to say WHAT A GREAT ARTIST. I have purchased 2 paintings from Nicki.  She is the most talented artist I have ever seen.  Her work shows so much detail, love and passion.  God has blessed her with such a gift.  I am so glad that she is using her talent!  I look at her pictures and I can feel the warmth and passion in her work.  She is on of the very few artists that have done that for me.  My favorite of her work is the Raccoon Girl and the second is The Indian Boy. Just look at the feeling that is portrayed. AWESOME! Can't wait for more arrivals. Peggy


San Ramon, California

I am one of the lucky one's to be a recipient of an original piece of artwork created by Nicki Bernacchi. I must say that the moment I saw the painting it took my breath away and I could not fight the tears.  She just captured the heart and soul of my son Walter.  It was just like I was looking at him but in a Painting.  I could "see and feel" the life in his eyes. If you look at the picture of Walter and the train you will see.  Evertime I look at it,  I am reminded of what a gifted and talented artist she truly is.  Her creativity and imagination is just astrounding.


Placerville, California

What can I say about your painting except that they are very beautiful, and worth every penney!


Discovery Bay, California

As soon as I saw the raccoon and the girl, it brought me to tears, (good ones). I don't know what it is but Nicki just has a way of bringing so much emotion forward with her paintings.  I have never seen an artist portray so much intensity, wonder and emotion in their paintings.  She is such an amazing artist!


Yuba City, California

Years ago I began searching for a painting or figurine depicting a Sea Captain at the wheel of his ship.  Braving the harsh elements of a storm to keep his ship on course through it.  I wanted to present it to my boss at our Year's end sales meeting, where the sales team is awarded their bonuses.  I thought it would be an interesting twist to reward the one who had blessed us over the years with generous bonuses to present him with a gift of our own.  It was to be in appreciation for how he had guided our company through many a "rough storm"and kept us growing and profitable.  In any case I was never able to find the piece of art that conveyed what I wanted.  Then it dawned on me that I could have Nicki, by baby sister create what I was not able to find.  I commissioned her to do an oil portrait as described above.  I emailed her two photos of my boss and she created the Captain in his likeness.  I was amazed that she could capture the exact mood and feel that I had desired.. My boss was speechless when we presented it to him.  It is not an exageration to say the the portrait is TREASURED by him.  I treasure the framed print of it on my wall as well!


Discovery Bay, California

Amazing inspiring. I am deeply moved by her paintings.  Her colors, and brushstrokes come alive on the canvas.  Nicki's paintings especially the "cat" painting brought tears to my eyes.  I'm speechless, and breathless.  Keep painting, keep bringing life to the canvas.



Beautiful stunning artwork-very talented.  Thank you also for checking out my site!


Wheeling, West Virginia

Love your work....absolutely awesome  You are so very talented!


Walnut Creek, California

Beautiful work!


Chico, California

Nikki your work is absolutely beautiful.  Your detail and finesis is amazing!  Especially like Olivia!


Modesto, California

Nicki you are very creative. I still have the portait you did of me 30+ years ago.  Your attention to detail is amazing. Very promising artist! Love Olivia!


Grass Valley, California

I love the new website.  Your paintings are beautiful.



Wow! Amazing paintings! I can't take my eyes off of Olivia.


Murphysboro, Illinois

I have had the most wonderful experience working with Nicki b. When I was down and sad she stepped in and gave me a painting that not only captured the dogs she was drawing but is also captured the heart and soul of the person painting them.  The oil painting is a wonderful work of art and love and passion and feeling.  I know that she would do this to all she works with for it is in her heart mind and soul to do so.

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